About Us

About us

Urban Youth Impact exists to love, equip and empower inner-city youth and their parents to fulfill their God-given purpose.  Founded in 1997, Urban Youth Impact serves the Tamarind Avenue corridor and surrounding area in West Palm Beach, Riviera Beach and Boynton Beach.  The areas served have all been identified by Children’s Services Council as the areas with the most at-risk children based on numerous indicators such as poverty levels, school readiness, graduation rates, teen birth rates, and percent of children on free/reduced lunch among others.  Through its core programs, UYI serves nearly 230 youth weekly with educational enrichment and job-readiness training while building lasting relationships.  An additional 270 youth are impacted weekly through our collaborations with community partners.



  • Ariel Frazier, ReFrame

    My name is Ariel Frazier and I started in the Year Round Work Program about two weeks ago. I want to start off by saying I feel ex­tremely special and honored because I am the FIRST employee of the year round work program! I am a front desk assistant in TLA and enjoy being the first person people see when they walk into the building. So far things I have learned to do are: transferring calls, entering data in Microsoft Excel, using walkie-talkies, and social skills. Through this program I ex­pect to learn how to be patient with others as well as how to do office work efficiently. Working at Urban Youth Impact isn’t like working anywhere else, here they will make you feel as if you're apart of a big family. Ev­eryone is nice and always has a smile on their face. Being a part of this program is something very big for me because now with the econo­my being the way it is there was a very slight chance of me getting a job anywhere else. So to Mr. Andrew and everyone else who made it possible for me to be employed I want to say thank you and I greatly appreciate it.

  • Kendrich Holmes, The Leadership Academy

    Kendrich has struggled through elementary and is now a sixth grader in middle school. He goes through most of the day with a hooded sweatshirt and stays quietly to himself.  The key to getting through the system is to keep your head down.  This is Kendrich’s story…or has been, until The Leadership Academy. His Team Leader saw the sadness in his eyes when he came in.  When Kendrich acted out, she believed there was a deeper heart issue.  She was right…he did not want anyone to know his secret -- Kendrich could not read. One month later, he is working with a mentor twice a week and is able to quickly recognize and read words. He is starting to come out of his shell.  He comes into The Leadership Academy and works with his friends on different projects, even taking lead on some.  He’s even read his first book, Salt in His Shoes, by Michael Jordan.  At fourteen, the love shown to Kendrich makes me believe he will never forget his first book.

  • Terryon Chapman, Family Empowerment Program

    Terryon Chapman grew up in the hood and did not get involved with Urban Youth Impact’s programs while his brothers attended. While in prison for armed robbery, an older inmate told him “Do good for once and see how far you get.” This reminded him of Urban Youth Impact and the good he had seen in his brothers from being involved. Urban Youth Impact had a reputation for redemption and when Terryon was released from prision, he wanted to get his life right with the Lord.  Terryon came to see Bill Hobbs, who spoke with Terryon about a job opportunity at Urban Youth Impact, but said it would be up to Terryon to take the opportunity and work to keep the job. Terryon accepted the challenge and Urban Youth Impact hired him to do maintenance. Wanting to grow in his walk with the Lord, Terryon sought out Pastor Chris Tress  who began to disciple him. Terryon was promoted to disciplinary assistant in the Leadership Academy. In addition to working with kids in TLA, he also mentors a group of young men and is raising his son, TJ.

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