Aina’s Story


UYI teaches me a lot about the Lord and the teachers are very nice to me and the class.
I wish everyone had the chance to come and see how much fun it is.

The first time I came to UYI is when Mr. Terryon married my Mom and he told me about UYI.  He is a great Dad for me! UYI is the best after-school care and I also like their Summer Jam program. We have Smart Classes and going to these classes let me know how much fun science can be to learn. And I get to do extra activities like ballet and hip hop dance. If not for UYI, I might never have learned these activities.

Aina’s Stepdad Terryon

Being a working parent, there’s nothing like the peace of mind knowing your children are safe and happy in a caring Christian environment. Aina has always been a great student and her mom and I can’t thank everyone enough for the services that Aina is experiencing at UYI.

Thank you and God Bless!

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