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We love hearing from our youth, families, volunteers and donors from our community. We really appreciate you taking the time to get in touch with us.

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2823 North Australian Avenue
West Palm Beach FL 33407

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9:00 am to 5:00pm
Monday to Friday

Contact Our Team

First Name Last Name Title Ext.
Bill Hobbs Founder/President 116
Danneshia Brown Team Leader 144
Stephanie Brunjes Volunteer Coordinator 108
Michele Cyr Program Manager 111
Lorraine Desravines SMART Coordinator 110
Pat Dixon Parent Program Director 107
John Fix Chief Operation Officer 119
Laura Hale Executive Assistant to Bill Hobbs 116
Derrick Hatch Team Leader 143
Larry Hicks Facilities/Transportation Manager 124
Lauren Kile Team Leader 114
Marie Knudstrup Team Leader 140
Orin Linde Development Associate 120
Madonna March Team Leader 122
Luther Menard Boynton Beach Satellite Coordinator  114
Mandy Moore Team Leader
Pam Newsome Grants Manager/Community Liaison 102
Proverb Newsome Director of Programs 104
Sarah Pennell Team Leader 256
Nancy Pierre TLA Administrator 103
Neva Quintana Team Leader 145
Denise Reed Finance/Human Resources Manager 105
Georgia Rose Events/Public Relations Coordinator 125
Kebo Sheppard Director of Discipline 141
Chelsea Shoff Riviera Beach Satellite Coordinator 106
Allison Tardonia Director of Development 112
Danielle Tierney Literacy Advisor 106
Chris Twohill Operations/Project Manager 115
Sarah Twohill Team Leader 121
Sarah Wagner SMART Ministries Assistant 110
Allison Yandell ReFrame/EA Manager 106



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