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Foundation for Our Future

Urban Youth Impact celebrated as Bill Hobbs and the Board of Directors announced Chris Tress as the new President and CEO of UYI. Over 180 friends, family, community members and organizational supporters were in attendance to witness the historic day in Urban Youth Impact’s history.

Founder Bill Hobbs said, “Chris Tress joined us early in 1998 as a volunteer. He faithfully conducted weekly sports outreaches to the Tamarind Avenue community, initiated prayer walks and mobilized volunteers. He launched Bow Down Church. Chris was my choice to be the new President/CEO because of his competency as a leader, his proven commitment to this ministry, and his clear calling to the urban communities we serve.”

Hobbs added, “At the same time Chris moves into this new role, I am repositioning myself for greater ministry effectiveness. I will remain on the Board of Directors supporting Chris enthusiastically in his new leadership role, and I’ll get to spend more time inspiring new people to join us in where he will lead Urban Youth Impact into the future! In short, no one is leaving – the same leadership team remains – we’re just shuffling ourselves around to become even more effective for the urban communities we serve.”

As Chris closed the night, he said a number of people approached him asking how he was going to balance being a pastor and stepping into his new role as President/CEO. Chris responded with two answers that embody who Urban Youth Impact is as an organization. First, he referenced 1 Thessalonians 5:24, “He who calls you is faithful; he will surely do it.” Chris emphasized the importance of abiding in Christ and that the Lord will be faithful through it as he steps into his new role. Second, Chris continued with, “We are going to do it. If you are part of the staff or on the Board of Directors at UYI will you stand up. We are going to do it! If you are part of Bow Down Church, please stand up. We are going to do it! Lastly, if you have prayed for our organization, volunteered your time, or financially given to Urban Youth Impact, will you please stand up. We are going to do it!”

As Urban Youth Impact stands on a firm foundation, we look forward to an even greater impact in Palm Beach County under Chris’ leadership. There is still a lot of work yet to be done moving forward. However, our team is committed to our Mission to love, equip and empower inner-city youth to fulfill their God-given purpose. These are exciting times and Urban Youth Impact invites you along on the journey.

Tom Lane of Energy Capital Partners

Chris Tress and his wife, Colleen

Chris Tress and Bill Hobbs

Chris Tress, John Stanko, and Bill Hobbs