Jasmine’s Story

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The oldest of seven, Jasmine knows the need for a job.

Jasmine is the voice of her younger siblings. However, Jasmine’s real gift is the ability to express herself though art. Jasmine was born and raised here in West Palm Beach. Growing up in a single parent home, she often helped her mother out with her siblings. She witnessed her mother struggle to provide for her and her siblings.

Jasmine wasn’t really confident in herself and found it difficult to balance her school and home life. She was often bullied and teased throughout middle school and into high school. Relationships with others were difficult as she was not able to open up and be honest.

A turnaround came when Jasmine became involved with UYI’s ReFrame summer program. Every week she had scheduled coaching sessions with ReFrame Manager Ms. Danielle. They discussed her goals and aspirations. When ReFrame became a year round program, Jasmine was one of the first students to sign up. Jasmine then became involved with UYI’s art program and every Wednesday went painting at UpTown art with Ms. Lorraine.

Jasmine says, “I then had the desire to learn more about music and writing. ReFrame has been a major outlet for me and is helping me realize my dreams to study writing, dance and, most importantly, my faith and inner-healing.”