The Leadership Academy

The primary goal of The Leadership Academy (TLA) is to prepare the students it serves to succeed in life by providing academic assistance, character development and spiritual enrichment through the students’ formative years.

TLA serves up to 130 students in grades K-8 during the school year through tutoring, computer-based literacy learning, faith-based instruction, life-skills and character building lessons, mentoring relationships, performing arts, field trips, and recreation.

We have introduced individualized literacy tutoring that targets students who fall behind academically. A specially trained literacy intervention specialist spends 15-20 minutes per day with students, providing one-on-one coaching until their reading level reaches that of other students in the class. Read more… A Focus on Literacy in Inner-City Neighborhoods.


TLA Application

Why It Matters

The majority of juvenile crimes are committed between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. on weekdays. During the same hours, youth are victims of crime more than any other time during the day. Unsupervised youth are more likely to: use alcohol, drugs and tobacco; receive poor grades, skip school or drop out of school; engage in risky sexual activity; carry and use weapons.

  • Everyday

  • Right Away

  • All the way

  • Make good choices

  • Always listen & obey

  • Encourage Others

  • Respect and honor

  • Dream Big

Watch: “I’m Gonna Be”

As adults, children who grew up in the inner-city are 7 times more
likely to be on government assistance. 1 in 5 of inner-city teens become
pregnant each year. Inner-city youth are 4 times more likely to abuse
drugs and alcohol.

Urban Youth Impact stands against these startling statistics.