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Team Leaders Deliver Highest Scores Ever!

Urban Youth Impact Middle School Team Leader Alonzo Malvarez and three Elementary School Team Leaders Tai Wright-Bey, Georgia Jones and Daniella Darling produced the highest average scores ever. As a team, they scored above 4.70 out of a possible 5, when recently evaluated by a nonprofit, intermediary organization.  Parents of our middle school students can remain confident their children attending Urban Youth Impact Leadership Academy are being taught by some of the finest in Palm Beach County. The Team Leaders memorized the tool used for scoring last year, spent time each week going over their lessons to ensure they were the best quality for their students and were ready to excel when the assessor came to observe.

PrimeTime, the nonprofit intermediary organization, ultimate mission is to help children succeed by strengthening and expanding quality in the out of school time field.  They work with after-school programs throughout the year and do yearly assessments to ensure that the children are being provided the highest-quality after-school programming.  PrimeTime evaluates all participating programs in Palm Beach County on the following four criteria: Safe Environment, Supportive Environment, Interaction, and Engagement.

Left to right: Tai Wright-Bey, Georgia Jones, Daniella Darling, and Alonzo Malvarez