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UYI Youth Advisory Board is Making an Impact

Urban Youth Impact recognizes the importance of providing youth with opportunities to use their voice to contribute to the vibrancy and culture of their families, school and communities. With this in mind, The Leadership Academy (TLA) formed the Youth Advisory Board (YAB). Mr. Derrick leads the efforts, facilitating weekly meetings with 10 YAB members made up of students in grades 4-9. The students learn to be servant leaders in their classroom and the community while empowering their peers to conduct themselves at a higher level of leadership and responsibility.

YAB students embody the values of The Leadership Academy (TLA) and students are chosen to represent Urban Youth Impact (UYI) due to the leadership qualities they demonstrate on campus. YAB provides counsel and support to TLA in the mission of Urban Youth Impact they are making a big impact in the community.

Alexa is a student in fifth grade that expressed an interest in joining YAB early in the school year, but it was already full. Mr. Derrick informed her they didn’t have any spots available, but that he would keep her in mind for the future. Alexa was eager and continued to ask Mr. Derrick about a spot on the YAB every month. Mr. Derrick saw an opportunity to challenge her and set the expectations of a student serving on the Youth Advisory Board because she had a few disciplinary warnings. He told her that she would have to make some changes in behavior.

Over the next several months, Alexa tightened up and did her best to improve and grow. Her passion for wanting to be a part of YAB never waned. Her disciplinary warnings decreased since the beginning of the year. Once a spot opened up, Mr. Derrick joyfully invited Alexa to join YAB due to her improved behavior and leadership skills demonstrated. At her first meeting, Alexa participated by helping to create and contribute to the culture of YAB. She is a quiet leader who puts forth her best effort to be an example with her peers in the classroom and is eager to become a servant leader in her community! The YAB is filled with youth like Alexa who are broadening their skills toward personal growth and community outreach.

Moved by compassion to help children with special needs feel loved and valued, the YAB chose their end-of-the-year service project with much consideration. On Saturday May 6th, Mr. Derrick Hatch and Mr. Proverb Newsome took the YAB students to serve at an event with Horses That Help in Loxahatchee.

The experience was amazing for our students. Mikentyre, 15 years old, and Samaria, 11 years old, were two that went above and beyond. They noticed that there were a couple of children who had a difficult time listening to anyone. Our students decided to lovingly approach the children and stuck with them for the entire day, demonstrating remarkable patience and kindness. Another highlight included Amani and Alexa reaching out and helping kids ride horses and Micah shared the YAB Vision Statement in front of all the guests attending the event.

Not only did the YAB students have a great time serving the children, they gave a donation to the organization. Throughout the year, YAB raised money on campus so they could give back to children in need. They gave $135.45 to Horses That Help and $75.00 back to UYI.

Mr. Derrick Hatch said, “From start to finish, these YAB students shared the love of Christ with special needs children and represented UYI terrifically.” UYI is so proud of our students!

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