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Volunteer Spotlight: Ms. Maddie

Ms. Maddie heard about Urban Youth Impact’s mission and what we were doing in the local community through a fundraising event. Upon hearing, she got connected and began volunteering immediately. Ms. Maddie described her first time at the West Palm Beach Center campus as “wonderful,” how she was blown away with the facility as well as the children she interacted with.

Shortly after volunteering with Urban Youth Impact, Ms. Maddie was drawn to Javonnie, a 4th-grade Leadership Academy student. Javonnie was very soft-spoken and socially withdrawn when among his peers. Ms. Maddie quickly took notice and sought to invest in him. Javonnie and Ms. Maddie quickly developed a bond. Ms. Maddie began volunteering 2 – 3 days a week, spending time with Javonnie tutoring and assisting him with his homework. There was a time, however, when Ms. Maddie had not come for over a month. Javonnie asked for her every day and wondered when she would return. Urban Youth Impact reached out to Ms. Maddie, telling her of the situation and she was touched. Upon hearing, Ms. Maddie reworked her schedule to come once a week and exclusively work with Javonnie.

Ms. Maddie has noticed a significant difference in how Javonnie acts amongst peers since exclusively meeting with him. “He has matured and become more self-assured when communicating. He is extremely smart. He wants to become a scientist and is very knowledgeable in chemistry. He has so many bright ideas. When we are together, he is always teaching me something new. It truly is a pleasure to spend time with Javonnie.” Javonnie added that he loved being able to learn with Ms. Maddie and read about different topics every week.

Volunteers are an integral part of the overall success of Urban Youth Impact and living out our mission. Like Ms. Maddie, volunteers assist Team Leaders with students through helping with homework, reading and mentoring through life lessons. “Everybody is a rock star at Urban Youth Impact. From the teachers to the students. I am continually blown away by their work. Truthfully, it is a privilege to be part of Urban Youth Impact and what they are doing in our local community.”

To learn more about volunteering and ways to get involved with us at Urban Youth Impact, visit our website at to see the different opportunities.